When they buried the children
What they didn’t know
They were lovingly embraced by the land.
Held and cradled in a mother’s heart.
The trees wept for them, with the wind.
They sang mourning songs their mothers didn’t know to sing.
Bending branches to touch the earth around them.
The Creator cried for them, the tears falling like rain.
Mother Earth held them until they could be found.
Now our voices sing the mourning songs. With the trees. The wind.
Light sacred fire - ensure they are never forgotten, as we sing justice.
- Abigail Echo Hawk


Upload your times & photos Sept 30 - Oct 3

Rising Hearts is hosting our first virtual September 30th 5k Remembrance Run for #OrangeShirtDay and #EveryChildMatters remembering and honoring the thousands of Indigenous children stolen from their families and homelands, forced into Boarding and Residential Schools, and the survivors, and descendants. To date, over 6,509 Indigenous children have been unearthed from Boarding and Residential school properties.  This injustice, rooted in colonialism and intersects with missing and murdered Indigenous relatives, and the need to conquer, led to policies of genocide, forced removal, diseases, theft of lands and bodies, as well as the quote and policy that started the boarding schools “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” This was a policy to colonize and force Indigenous peoples to become civilized, strip them of their culture, their language, their traditions, and their Indigenous names having to choose a Christian name.  This run is to honor and remember this history that doesn’t get the visibility it needs, to shine light on the injustice that continues to take place, to build community and allyship, and to call for justice, accountability, healing, and to bring all relatives back to their communities by searching all boarding and residential school properties.

What significance does the color orange and September 30th have?
Phyllis Webstad (Orange Shirt Society) was 6 years old when she was about to start at the residential school she was attending - all excited for school, her grandmother bought her a brand new, pretty orange shirt to wear to school.  Once Phyllis arrived at the residential school, her clothing was stripped from her and her hair was cut. The color orange reminds Phyllis of her experiences at the residential school and  in her own words on what it reminded her of, "how my feelings didn’t matter, how no one cared and I felt like I was worth nothing. All of us little children were crying and no one cared.” September 30th is the day that Indigenous children were stolen from their families and forced into the schools at the start of the school year. This day and color, commemorates the legacy and trauma of the boarding and residential schools. 

We have a big goal to give back in a big way! 

Join us in this virtual run to help us raise funds to give back to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, support Agnes Woodward’s t-shirt campaign, and a donation to the Indian Residential School Survivors Fund in Canada as we fight for justice, accountability, bringing our relatives home, and healing.

Words from Agnes Woodward, Nehiyaw Iskwew, (Plains Cree):  “The Earth Belongs To The Children And The Unborn.  Words by my father Lester Howse - Residential school survivor.  Healing the past, is our hope for our future.  We achieve this by acknowledging the stories of the survivors, by honoring their truths.  The promise of a People is held in the children.”

Run-bike-walk in solidarity! Wear ORANGE on September 30th October 3rd . Uplift this injustice, demand accountability, fight for healing, and support the heart work.

-Join a team or create a team
-Purchase stickers (artwork by Agnes Woodward and by Rising Hearts)
-Sponsor a relative/donate an entry
-Options to just donate
- Grab your Orange Shirt by support Agnes Woodward

Let's continue to build community. Let's show up in whatever way we can. Let's support those survivors, their families, the advocates, and work towards ending inter-generational trauma so our never generations can THRIVE.

Upload your times & photos 9/30 - 10/3



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