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Upload your times & photos Feb. 6 - Feb. 14

"Running is medicine. Running is tradition. Running is healing. Running is prayer. Running is community. Indigenous people are known for running for the messages they carry for the prayers they carry for the tradition it brings. For Indigenous Peoples Day, we run together as relatives, as a community, to recognize and celebrate Indigenous people! To acknowledge the past and what Native people have had to experience to be here today. We celebrate the present existence of Indigenous people and all the good medicine we bring to our relatives. As we look ahead we have the opportunity to dismantle current systems of oppression and racism and rebuild a better and visible future! Our relatives across Turtle Island (North America) are sharing so much of their heart work to support their communities and build a future for our next generations. This virtual race is to bring and call people in to support the survival of Indigenous People, their strength, and their resilience because we are still here!” Jordan Marie Daniel

@rising_hearts   @nativein_la   @runforbreonna

Upload your times & photos 2/6 - 2/14


Funds raised will go to International Indigenous Youth Council - LA

IIYC was founded by femme and two-spirit Indigenous youth during the Standing Rock Uprising of 2016 while peacefully defending the Missouri and Cannonball Rivers from the Dakota Access Pipeline. We aspire to inspire young individuals to build bridges of solidarity and become leaders of their community. We are committed to building a sustainable future for the next seven generations by organizing youth through education, spiritual practices and civic engagement to create positive change.

Contributions to IIYC LA will provide opportunities like culturally responsive programming, training, healing circles, direct actions, and other methods of giving back to our Los Angeles community.

Funds raised will go to UNITY RUNNERS / Run for Breonna

UNITY RUNNERS started in July of 2020 in order to create awareness about Breonna Taylor’s murder. We host a weekly run to create awareness and complete action steps seeking justice for Breonna Taylor. We have had runs in 40 locations across the United States and have given back to our community in the name of Breonna through a school supply drive, a diaper drive, food drive and blanket collection. We will continue to fight for Breonna and will live our mission of peaceful protesters for black women who no longer have voices.

Funds will go towards: Running and Riding bibs (that have the QR code which leads to action steps, pins for the bibs, fees to file non-profit paperwork, printing of bibs and postcards to send for action steps and postage for postcards.

To learn more about Run for Breonna visit here and for more about UNITY RUNNERS, visit
Our email: [email protected] 

Funds raised will go to Rising Hearts

Rising Hearts is an Indigenous led grassroots organization committed to the heart work in elevating Indigenous voices,  promoting and supporting intersectional collaborative efforts across all movements with the goals of racial, social, climate, and economic justice. Our primary focuses are to inform, elevate, mobilize, and organize through strategic and targeted advocacy, establishing collaborative partnerships to help create a better and safer future and environment for all of our relatives who inhabit this planet, past, present and future. 

Funds from this virtual run will help support the Running on Native Lands Initiative, Indigenous Wellness through Movement Series, Advocacy and community organizing efforts for 2021, delivering masks and supplies to relatives and communities in need until everyone is safe and no longer in a pandemic, Running with Purpose community club team and planning for collaborative events in May 2021 for National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and relatives.


There are 574 federally recognized Sovereign Nations (Tribes, Nations, Bands, Pueblos, communities and Villages) and roughly 66 State recognized Nations that all have their own form of governance, but please remember, our existence, is in our blood and doesn’t conform to the colonial constructs that gives us our identity. Due to genocide, so many of our relatives were taken  once thriving on these sacred lands, now we are among the minority and often, invisible, and erased. But that is changing as so many Indigenous folx are emerging with their voice, presence and heart, doing the heart work to create a better future for our next generations.

The Running on Native Lands Initiative is a Rising Hearts program that aims to bring visibility of land acknowledgements and more at trail AND road race events by going the extra mile in giving back to the communities, with your partnership, we want to help the many, rethink how we see the trails, our connection to the lands that need our respect and protection, AND to recognize the lands we are privileged to run on, AS stolen, First things first, there needs to be understanding - that those who are not Indigenous to these lands - are guests on these stolen lands. And there is every opportunity for us, as people, to show up, and to help right the wrongs where we can and give visibility to the first peoples.

This initiative serves as an additional justice, diversity, equity and inclusion component to the work many are doing right now to rebuild a better, supportive and more inclusive future for everyone. This will help many runners, not just Indigenous, to feel more included and respected when coming into the running/outdoor spaces. Should you feel like this is the right path for you - it will begin with partnering with Rising hearts when organizing your events. We are looking to partner with forward thinking race/event directors and coordinators, looking to go the extra mile in supporting Native communities - but to expand that support and advocacy in creating a running community and outdoor environment to be more supportive and inclusive for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, Two Spirit, LGBTQ+, Non-binary runners and walkers, and People with disabilities in these spaces.

Together, let’s help make the running community more accessible, supportive, inclusive and visible.

Implementing land acknowledgements at your race / events:

1. Give a land acknowledgement at your race or event. Acknowledge the stolen lands you are on, that you are organizing on - the very lands that many Indigenous communities were forcibly removed from or are still the first and original caretakers of the lands.

A land acknowledgement is a formal recognition, a sign of respect for the First Peoples of the land and their connection to it and protection of the lands. Through this first step - you will be able to show respect and you will have a different, and hopefully, deeper connection and appreciation of the lands. In this first step, Rising Hearts is here to help support you in your outreach to Tribes, Indigenous communities or Native organizations that can help give a land acknowledgement. If someone from the local communities can’t, then find an Indigenous person in the surrounding areas to give the land acknowledgement. If any of these options can’t work - you will ask those voices or communities if they would like to provide a written land acknowledgement that your organizing entity can read before the races/events begin. If there are Indigenous participants in your event that are attending - we can reach out to them to see if they are okay with reading / giving the land acknowledgement before the last option. Lastly, if that can’t happen, your organizing entity will draft a written land acknowledgement and Rising Hearts will help review to ensure it is accurate and reflective of the communities, their culture, history, and presence on the lands.

A. Download the NativeLand App - this is a great resource. NOTE: the app is not always accurate.
B. Visit NOTE: that this map does not represent or intend to represent official or legal boundaries of any Indigenous nations. To learn about definitive boundaries, contact the nations in question. but also know that all lands you are on - are stolen native lands.
C. Text your zip code to 907-312-5085 and the bot will respond the Indigenous Peoples/Tribes that are directly connected to those lands. NOTE: that this may not always be accurate.
D. Use google: For example, “Indigenous Tribes of the Great Plains… or Indigenous/Native Tribes and peoples of Los Angeles”
E. Visit cultural centers (when it’s more safe and not during a pandemic) in the towns you visit - learn from Indigenous voices in your self-informed education of understanding the lands you are on and who have been protecting them since pre-contact.
F. Don’t be performative with your posts - a land acknowledgement is not a "check in the box.” 

NOTE: All technological systems created to help identify the Indigenous lands, peoples, their place names and Tribes you are on - are a work in progress and not always accurate.

For more resources on land acknowledgment please visit meztli projects - they have created a land acknowledgements document - the why, when, where, and intentions of giving a land acknowledgement: or email: [email protected] 

It doesn’t end with just a land acknowledgement at the race. It goes further.

Please download our Running on Native Lands toolkit here and visit to learn more and contact us at [email protected] with “Running on Native Lands Initiative” in the subject, should you want to collaborate.


What you can expect from this partnership and what you will leave with:
1. You will be proactive in your learning
2. You will become a better ally to Indigenous Communities and those in need
3. You will have a new perspective of the lands you have access to and recognizing that not everyone has this same privilege and sense of safety
4. You will become more informed
5. And this initiative / downloadable toolkit - can be adapted to anything - not just running races/events.

Examples for Individuals wanting to give a land acknowledgment on their social media platforms with their photos:

"Occupied Tongva Lands / Los Angeles, CA"

"Támal Pájis / Coast Miwok - Mount Tamalpais / Ohlone Lands / San Francisco, CA / Marin, CA"

"Diné, Goshute, Southern Paiute, Eastern Shoshone, Ute lands - Bears Ears to Salt Lake City, UT"

We hope you team up with us! And to learn more about Rising Hearts visit




4 laps on a track = 1 Mile
12.5 laps on a track = 5K
25 laps on a track = 10K
Find a Certified USATF Course
Some run/walk events display course maps at
Many parks have measured 'fitness' trails open to the public
Download free app Strava & hit 'Record'


Email [email protected]


1. Run/walk whenever & wherever you'd like!
2. Starting on the event date go to - search 'Running on Native Lands'
3. Search for your name - click Update.
4. Enter your time.
5. OPTIONAL upload up to 5 photos!



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