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Honor LT Navy SEAL Michael P Murphy and the USS Michael Murphy DDG 112

56 Mile / 112 Mile 50 Day Challenge
September 23rd through Veteran's Day November 11th

Check out the Miles for Murph Challenge Gear!


Sign Up Early for EXTRA LT Murphy Gear!

1st 100 to sign up get LT Navy SEAL Michael P Murphy Beer Cup
1st 250 to sign up get LT Navy SEAL Michael P Murphy Challenge Coin
1st 1,200 to sign up get LT Navy SEAL Michael P Murphy Medal

Everyone gets the following branded race gear:

Miles for Murph Challenge Long Sleeve Shirt
Miles for Murph Challenge Medal
Miles for Murph Challenge Bib
All registrants receive a LT Navy SEAL Michael P Murphy buff


LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation; Lone Survivor Foundation; Special Operations Warrior Foundation; Semper-Fi Fund; Rotary Club of Ronkonkoma


1. Run/Walk daily or whenever & wherever you'd like!
2. Beginning Sept. 23 search "Miles for Murph Challenge" HERE
3. Search for your name - click UPDATE.
4. Follow instructions provided to log your miles.


Never done a challenge? All you do is track your running or walking miles and log them on the result page. For the 56 mile challenge that is just over a mile a day and for the 112 mile challenge it is 2.24 miles a day.


SEPT 14 Keepsake Bib begins shipping. Allow 5-7 business days to receive.
SEPT 23 Start posting times. Registering late? Backlog miles to 9/23.
NOV 1 Challenge Gear begins shipping. Allow 5-7 business days to receive.
NOV 11 Last day to log miles.

**If you registered after SEPT. 22 allow up to 24 hours to be listed online


[email protected]


4 laps on a track = 1 Mile
Find a Certified USATF Course
Some run/walk events display course maps at
Many parks have measured 'fitness' trails open to the public
Download free app Strava & hit 'Record'


1. Elliptical/Gliding Upright Bikes do not count toward a walk/run. 

2. Treadmill/indoor or outdoor walk/run on foot, intended to cover a distance, counts. 

3. Stationary/indoor or outdoor cycling, intended to cover a distance, counts. 

4. Miles intended to cover a distance are okay. Steps that go into walking around your home/office are not.

Walk 1 mile to and from work every day! OKAY 
Steps around the water cooler. NOT 

30 minute stair climb at lunch! OKAY
Steps around the house. NOT 

I'm going to count my walking miles with my dog. OKAY 
Steps taking my dog outside to go to the bathroom. NOT 

It's all about intention to cover a distance; Honesty & fairness count!


Create / Join a team and log your miles individually.
Your team gets credit for the miles you log as an individual.

Team scoring will be tallied in two ways:
1. Total Miles by all members.
2. Average Miles Teams of 4 or more are eligible; small teams can toe the line with larger teams.