Howie Levy 5K Run/Walk
May 19, 2024
8:30AM Start Rain or Shine

Parking Lot 2, East Meadow, NY 11554

*location subject to change

This year’s Mid Island Day Camp Howie Levy 5K is honoring Andrew Paskal: 

Andrew was a camper in the mid 1980's and continued through the early 1990’s. He started working at the MIYJCC in 1993 in a variety of different ways. He spent 19 summers at Mid-Island Day Camp as Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor, Assistant Unit Head, Unit Head, and finally as Assistant Camp Director. Andrew also held a number of positions within the MIYJCC building. Everyone knows Andrew Paskal!

Andrew is the voice of the MIYJCC literally within our phone system. Shalom- Thank you for calling the Mid-Island Y Jewish Community Center - A UJA Federation non-profit partner that is Andrew’s voice.

The MIYJCC is truly his second home, and he has made some of his best friends at the MIYJCC.

Howie Levy and the entire Levy-Brody families are special friends of Andrew.  Andrew and Howie worked together for over a decade at camp.  He was a truly an amazing person.  They spent their camp days walking around doing their job of course, but bonding and connecting about life.  Andrew learned a great deal from Howie. There are many things that Howie did, and Howie said that still live on in camp and Andrew’s life. Howie loved his summers at camp and always wanted to ensure his campers and counselors had an incredible experience. Sadly in 2009 we lost Howie to Pancreatic Cancer.

Andrew has created ways to continue to honor Howie. We hold the Howie Levy Spirit Cup at camp. We also have our 5K event, that Andrew chairs and each year manages to make it a success.  This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary. The goal is to raise funds for Mid Island Day Camp Scholarship so that children who cannot afford to attend what Howie loved so much, can sign up. Funds are also raised for pancreatic cancer research. Every time we hold the race Andrew knows he is looking down and smiling---knowing he made a difference on this earth, that he is remembered.


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Proceeds to Benefit the Howie Levy Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund at the Mid-Island Y JCC and Pancreatic Cancer Research.

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