September 18, 2021
9AM Start Rain or Shine
Long Island City, NY

Benefiting the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy
with Race Day Organizers, the Woodside-Sunnyside Runners, and Run LIC



Positions are not guaranteed but please select your preferences

  • Location: Raised seating area near LIC Landing

    Description: Distribute bibs and t-shirts, race sign up, if not sold out.
    Set up bib tables with signs for “1-150” and “151-300”; set up t-shirts by size behind the Packet Pickup tables. Mark bibs with a non-yellow highlighter to designate shirts have been claimed (no need to check registration lists).

  • Location: Near Start/Finish line, LIC Landing

    Description: Race Day sign up only if not sold out - Opens at 7:30 a.m., cash only, swag bags and shirts given as available and not guaranteed. Distribute remaining bibs and shirts, answer questions, offer assistance. If most bibs/shirts have been distributed, some volunteers may be placed at other spots as needed. This spot will get a lot of general questions, especially for the Kids Center Blvd. Dashes, so be prepared. You will be given an FAQs sheet. Have that handy! We have no official bag check - if anyone insists on leaving a bag, we can watch it, but be certain they understand we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Location: Orientation at LIC Landing, go to assigned intersections

    Description: Keep the course clear of pedestrians, traffic, and obstruction; offer encouragement and assistance where needed. At the end, lightly break down markers, head to finish to assist with Children’s Center Boulevard Dashes.
    Medical Contact: Sophia Forbes, 718-316-0901 *for emergencies, call 911*
    *If there is a medical issue, please inform one of the captains AFTER calling the medical contact or 911.*

    -Borden and Vernon Blvd: Direct runners to turn left (north) onto Vernon
    -Vernon Blvd & 46th Ave: Keep outbound runners going straight on Vernon, and direct returning runners to turn right on 46th, going towards the water.
    -Vernon Blvd between 46th Ave. and 40th Ave: Keep the course clear, and direct runners in both directions to keep to the right. -Post marshals close to the water station to direct runners, keep them from crossing the path of oncoming run traffic to get to water
    -Turnaround on Vernon near 40th Ave: Direct runners to take a U-turn and run south on Vernon
    -46th Ave. and 5th Street: Direct runners to turn right.

  • Location: LIC Landing

    Description: Be on hand to help runners line up, provide directions and assistance; after the race begins, set up and staff the water and post-race nutrition stations.

    *If there is a medical issue, please inform one of the captains AFTER calling the medical contact or 911.*
    - If available, set up water pitchers/cups for pre-race water - only upon request;
    - Conserve bottled water for the end
    - Direct finishers to clear the finish area and towards the water/nutrition station.
    - Set up/staff water and nutrition tables along Center Blvd, past the finish line (in the race start corral area)
    - If possible, have tables on either side of the sidewalk for easy access
    - Remind runners about the after party at LIC Landing
    - Break down stations at the end.
    - If feasible, offer assistance for Children’s Center Boulevard Dashes.

  • Location: Center Blvd leading to the finish line; have families gather on the north side of oval lawn, close to Center Blvd.

    Description: Line them up and let them go (safely!); younger kids go first; older siblings can cheer younger siblings, and then line up to race (discourage them running together); give awards at the finish of each race.
    Ages 2-3 boys and girls races: 25 yards
    Ages 4-5 boys and girls races: 25 yards
    Ages 6-7 boys and girls races: 50 yards
    Ages 8-9 boys and girls races: 100 yards
    Medical Contact: Sophia Forbes, 718-316-0901 *for emergencies, call 911*

  • Location: Start Line near LIC Landing

    Description: Stay ahead of the runners and lead them on the course (stay on the running path, don’t go where the runners can’t go); finish ahead and alert the finish officials that the runners are arriving. Then, return to “sweep” the end of the course.


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Registration fees are used toward race expenses and cannot be returned once you sign up.

In consideration of accepting this volunteer position, I understand and agree to be legally bound hereby for myself, my heirs, executors & administrators, successors & assigns and waive, release & hold harmless LIC Waterfront 5K, Outer Boro Media, LLC, Hunters Point Parks Conservancy, Woodside-Sunnyside Runners, elitefeats, Inc. and all sponsors and their agents, employees, representatives & assigns for any and all injuries,claims, liabilities & causes of action suffered by me in this event. I attest I am physically fit & have sufficiently trained for completion of this event and my condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. If signed by a parent the parent agrees to release & hold harmless on behalf of the entrant.

I grant permission to any of the foregoing organizations to take & use photographs, video and recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever.

If signed by a parent, the parent agrees to release and hold the above-named organizations and persons harmless from any claims that may be asserted by or on behalf of the minor entrant as well as grant permission to any of the foregoing organizations to take & use photographs of said entrant, video and recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever.

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