August 27, 2022
Heats run beginning at 10AM through 12:30PM
Rain or Shine - Jackson Heights, NY

**Limited to 1,000 Runners**

Registration for the 2nd Annual Jackson Heights Mile is OPEN! 

Queens Is The Future! Register today for our return to race our signature one mile race in the most diverse neighborhood in the United States! Race the mile, watch the rest of the heats throughout the morning, and stay afterwards and enjoy everything that Jackson Heights has to offer. The Jackson Heights Mile is USATF certified, starts next to Northern Playground by Public School 149, runs through the 34th Avenue Open Street, passing Paseo Park and ending one block after Travers Park. The Mile ends on a steep downhill. 

In 2020, our Jackson Heights Community Group Run was founded to make of the Open Streets of 34th Avenue.

Run With Queens Distance Runners! 

6PM @thequeensboro Jackson Heights Community Run
6:30PM @Rivercrest Astoria Community Run
 6:30PM @Neir’s Tavern Woodhaven Community Run 6:30AM 

6:30AM @Forest Park Track Track Session
6:30PM @thequeensboro Jackson Heights Community Run
 6:30PM @St. John’s Track Track Session 

6:30PM @32-02 Francis Lewis Blvd Flushing Community Run 

6AM @Ralph’s Glen Oaks Community Run
6:30PM @Spencer Pilates Forest Hills Community Run
8AM @Pop’s Cocina & Bar QDR Food Run

About Queens Distance Runners. In 2013, when QDR was founded by three mid-twenty fresh-out of college, we have always dreamed of the opportunity to welcome runners with the opportunity of racing our neighborhoods, while generating business for our local institutions, and supporting LOCAL causes.

Inching closer to these dreams, Queens Distance Runners has grown throughout the years, not only through our presence at numerous events across New York City, but through our own annual Race Events, organized across our Borough. With tremendous resiliency, QDR managed to increase membership and organize local initiatives in the midst of the pandemic. In 2020, our Jackson Heights Community Group Run was founded to take advantage of the Open Streets of 34th Avenue. In 2022, our Community Group Run meets twice a week, welcoming everyone and anyone interested in joining us in activity. 

As our organic and grassroots Race Events grew in scale, so did our foundation of committed Volunteers. This was on full display as in late 2020, QDR organized the only sanctioned Marathon in New York City, along with multiple rounds of the Inaugural QDR Half Marathon. Our success is shared, and we are grateful for the trust the community has placed in us to organize our 2nd Annual Jackson Heights Mile, sure to unite the running community with Jackson Heights, and vice versa. We are hopeful that our continued success will lead to more Race Events on the streets of Queens, and appreciate your support. 

We are grateful to The City of New York, Queens Community Board, and Jackson Heights for once again allowing us the opportunity to race our streets promoting healthy activity while furthering what will become a Jackson Heights tradition. If anyone is interested in Volunteering in gathering petitions on Monday's and Weekends to inform the general public on the news of the race, please email [email protected]

As we get closer to August 27th, we will unveil more details on the race, including Bib Pickup. 

Interested in Sponsoring the Jackson Heights Mile? Email [email protected] 

Thank you for your support of the Jackson Heights Mile, Happy Training! #queensdistance #jacksonheightsmile #queensisthefuture 


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Attn: Competitive Athletes

If you wish to enter into our Competitive Heat, the fastest Mile in Queens, please review the following. 

We suggest registering for the Mile in your corresponding heat, to ensure you are in the race. Email [email protected] with "(First and Last Name), Jackson Heights Mile Competitive Heat Inquiry" in the Subject Line. If you meet the following requirements for any of these three distances, we will send you a code to register, and will refund your registration. 

The Standards for the Competitive Heat is as follows:

All races needed to have been completed on a USATF Certified Course, and must have a results link, for our reference.

Women- 5:30 and Under
Men- 4:45 and Under

Women- 18:30 and Under
Men- 16:30 and Under

Women- 2:30 and Under
Men- 2:10 and Under

Updated Qualifying Window: January 2021-August 24th, 2022

Strava Time Trials are allowed, and MUST be conducted on a Track. Links will be reviewed case by case.


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Suggested Amounts


Registration fees are used toward race expenses and cannot be returned once you sign up.


Nor are they transferable from year to year. Once you are signed up, race fees are used for race expenses and cannot be returned.

In consideration of accepting this entry, I understand and agree to be legally bound hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and waive, release and hold harmless QDR Jackson Heights Mile Run/Walk, The Queens Distance Runners, Jackson Heights, The Borough of Queens, elitefeats inc., and any volunteers and all race sponsors and their agents, employees and representatives for any and all injuries, claims, liabilities and causes of action related to my participation in this event. I attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event and that my condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I further grant permission to any of the foregoing organizations to take and use photographs, video, and recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever.

If signed by a parent, the parent agrees to release and hold the above-named organizations and persons harmless of any claims which may be asserted by or on behalf of the entrant as well.



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