November 13, 2021
9AM Start
Rain or Shine - Central Park

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  • Includes Personalized Bib ONLY
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Following a year that’s been tougher than most for all of us, ZEF’s needs and ambitions are now as big as ever… we need to raise $500,000 this year to maintain our current levels of impact.

Elephants across Africa are in danger. African savanna elephants, which grace the Zambezi Valley with their magnificence, have been reclassified from “vulnerable” to “endangered” in the IUCN's latest assessment. According to the report, the population of the African savanna elephant across the continent has decreased by at least 60% over the past 50 years.

  • Covers one month of running costs for an anti-poaching vehicle, including a dedicated driver, 1500km of fuel, repairs and maintenance

  • Covers one human-wildlife conflict community workshop, where local communities are engaged and given tools to combat human-wildlife conflict in their area

  • Allows a full-time, two-man snare removal team to conduct daily patrols to keep elephants safe for one month

  • Supports a grower stewarding one hectare of reforested land for a year, giving elephants more space to roam

  • Provides an hour of aerial surveillance, to monitor wildlife population trends and illegal activity from the air

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Where ZEF operates, in the mid-lower Zambezi Valley, we have known first-hand the calamity of elephant losses in areas where poaching has been left unchecked to accelerate (particularly in the recent period 2002 to 2015), but also the satisfaction of reversing poaching incidence, to a point where today elephant losses are held at a historic minimum. Those of us who were alerted to these elephant losses following the 2014 census (which led to the consequent introduction of ZEF in 2015), we're reminded of the complete and astonishingly rapid annihilation of the entire black rhino population of the Zambezi Valley in the ’80s and ’90s, and we will never fall into complacency. The combined efforts, innovations, technologies, and resolve of a collaboration of agencies in our landscape have efficiently reversed a dangerous poaching trend, and this success MUST BE MAINTAINED.

Together, with your support, Zambezi Elephant Fund and our conservation partners in the field have made a meaningful impact in the valley:

  • Maintaining the lowest elephant poaching instances in the last 20 years
  • A larger anti-poaching, aerial surveillance, and community footprint than ever before (impact over 1.6m acres)
  • New community-based initiatives that create real employment opportunities and restore habitat
  • Improved collaboration throughout the landscape

We’ve spoken to you before about some of our ambitious plans, and many of these have come from a real sense of urgency around the various challenges we’ve described above. We’ve had to draw on some strong strategic thinking and being able to see the bigger picture helps, too.
But, as we know you’ll appreciate, ZEF’s entire raison d’être is elephants and their protection. It’s simple. All else comes from this singular purpose and many of these ideas will resonate with you…

  • Delivering the most effective, well-trained, and well-equipped anti-poaching teams ever seen in the valley
  • Creating sustainable revenues through carbon offsets
  • Expanding the community and cultural engagement initiatives
  • Conservation camp and adventure safari development
  • State of the art aerial monitoring developments
  • Advocacy and campaigns to reduce the illegal mining activity 
  • Zimbabwe conservation youth development 

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t share our big ambition.
And, right now, we are appealing to you, the big-hearted, the big thinkers, and the big dreamers out there!

This year, to address the challenges we face and to maintain our current levels of impact, ZEF has a giant goal to raise $500,000.

We know we can achieve this. 

With your help, anything is possible!


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