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Juneteenth March 5K Run/Walk/Roll


Rain or Shine



12:00 PM - Meet at the Engineers Gate on 90th Street & 5th Ave - packet pickup 

12:30 PM - Welcome: featuring Special Guests

1:00 PM - Start! Runners, Walkers and Rollers will make the 5K route to Seneca Village

2:00 PM - Gather for refreshments in Seneca Village, Central Park

INFORMAL BAG CHECK: PACK LIGHT! Bring water, phone or personal items on your person. An informal bag check will be available at the Start Line and will be transported to the Finish Line by 12:45PM. Please be aware of the strict 12:45PM cutoff time. Avoid leaving valuables. The event is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All items not picked up will be donated.


All proceeds from the Juneteenth March go towards the building  fund of the Harlem Center.  The center is a 10-year effort started by a coalition of New York centered community based organizations (CBOs).

Black non-profit organizations in New York receive less than 10% of the available funding from public and private sector fund managers, grant makers, and gifters. The coalition and the center were originally organized to serve as a funding center to bootstrap the CBOs that serve millions of New Yorkers on shoestring budgets. 

Harlem Center is a 20,000 square foot community center offering services from 30+ CBOs from across the 5 boroughs to provide community support services from economic inclusion to the arts to health/wellness and uplifting citizens affected by issues ranging from recidivism to anti-LGBTQ sentiments as well as increase capacity to address unmet needs and gaps in service delivery.


In-Person: Please see the event staff starting one hour before the event start time.

  • Hurry; Register 3 weeks in advance to get a personalized Race Number!
  • You must know your bib number in order to pick up your bib. If you do not know your bib number there will be a Self Lookup area. 
  • If you register more than 24 hours in advance, your bib number will be texted or emailed to you at least 2 hours prior to bib pickup.
  • If you register within 24 hours of bib pickup please bring your confirmation email, either on your phone or printed, in order to be assigned a bib.

Virtual: If you don't get your bib in the mail, please use the live chat at, and we'll send a new one after confirming your shipping address (include an apartment number if applicable)


Click here for the 5K Route


55 West 116th Street, Suite 236
New York, NY  10026

[email protected]


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EARLY REGISTRANTS (before start day) can start posting times ON start day!
LATE REGISTRANTS (after start day) allow up to 24 hours to post times.
BIB MAILING begins Monday prior to start day. If you register after this, please allow 3-5 business days to receive.
You don't need the bib to participate, it's a keepsake!