Dog Tag Run 2.2 Mile

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Sunday, June 9, 2024
9am Start Rain or Shine

Gardiner County Park, Bay Shore, NY

Every single day, more than twenty veterans in the nation die by suicide.
Tragically, suicide is attempted approximately every 26 seconds.
The reasons are as unique and individual as each veteran, as is every experience. Operation VEST’s mission is to address the different needs of our veteran population with the goal of eradicating veteran suicide, one at a time.
The purpose of a vest is to protect.
Operation VEST aims to do the same by working side by side with other local organizations and veterans to help fight the battle within. We believe we can achieve this by banding TOGETHER!
Operation VEST works to honor the hearts, the service and the sacrifices of our military service-members, regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, or political alignment. We believe supporting those who have served is the second-best way to honor a love of country, besides service itself.
They’ve had our 6. Now it’s time we show them we’ve got theirs. See you on 6/19!


Now you can officially register your best friend to cross the finish line with you! All furry “paw”ticipants will receive their own chip timed bib which slides on their collar! For completing the Dog Tag Dog Walk, all pawticipants will receive an Operation VEST bandana and a dog tag.

All proceeds raised from the Dog division will go to Paws of War. In an effort to maximize the impact of your donation and pawticipation, Operation VEST will triple to total amount raised!  

*Please keep in mind, pooches are not able to pawticipate without a registered human.
For safety reasons and park rules, dogs must be on a 6' leash at all times.


  • Guarantee your T-Shirt size by 5/13.
    Your name on your bib 3 weeks in advance.
    Price will go up to $40 on 5/1 & to $45 on 6/1.

  • Includes custom Dog Tag Ruck velcro patch.
    Must have your rucksack weighed prior to the run.
    (See below for ruck requirements)
    Guarantee your T-Shirt size by 5/13.
    Your name on your bib 3 weeks in advance.
    Price will go up to $40 on 5/1 & to $45 on 6/1.

  • Run & honor those who serve on my own time!
    Receive T-Shirt & Dog Tags.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page for 'how to' Virtual.

  • Includes custom Dog Tag Ruck velcro patch.
    Self weighed Honor System.
    (See below for ruck requirements)
    Receive T-Shirt & Dog Tags .
    Scroll to the bottom of the page for 'how to' Virtual.

Uncheck this box to register for the run/walk


Pooches are not able to pawticipate without a registered human. Please make a selection above in order to add-on your pup!



Form a Team with friends or family! This is optional and may not have any affiliated awards.


  • Support Band

    Support Band

    "Operation VEST Veterans Ending Suicide Together" Support Band

    $5.00 ea.

  • White Plush Beach Towel

    White Plush Beach Towel

    30" x 60"

    $25.00 ea.

  • Mug


    $10.00 ea.


Proceeds from the event go to Operation VEST. Operation VEST will also partner with local Veteran Service organizations in order to aid and assist in the eradication of veteran suicide.

Suggested Amounts


Registration fees are used toward race expenses and cannot be returned once you sign up.


Nor are they transferable from year to year. Once you are signed up, race fees are used for race expenses and cannot be returned.

In consideration of accepting this entry, I understand and agree to be legally bound hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and waive, release and hold harmless Dog Tag 2.2M Operation VEST, Veterans Ending Suicide Together, Gardiner County Park, The Town of Bay Shore, elitefeats inc., and any volunteers and all race sponsors and their agents, employees and representatives for any and all injuries, claims, liabilities and causes of action related to my participation in this event. I attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event and that my condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I further grant permission to any of the foregoing organizations to take and use photographs, video, and recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever.

If signed by a parent, the parent agrees to release and hold the above-named organizations and persons harmless of any claims which may be asserted by or on behalf of the entrant as well.



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