New Rochelle Cinco de Mile

May 5, 2024
9AM Start
Rain or Shine

New Rochelle, NY

For info about sponsors & volunteers click HERE

Register before April 15th to be guaranteed a t-shirt!


All proceeds from this year's race will be donated to the The Giving You More Miles Scholarship Award that will be presented to a graduate of New Rochelle High School Class of 2024 who has gone "above and beyond" in our community.

Wave assignments will be posted by May 1st based on the total number of runners that register for this year's race.

  • Your name on your bib three weeks before race day.
    Price increases to $40 on 5/4.
    10 & under $20 (Enter age below for discount).
    Price increases to $25 on 5/4.

  • Ages 5 & under.
    1/2 mile race (1/4 mile out and back).
    Price increases to $25 on 5/4.


Please enter your time if you are a local elite runner. We are collecting this information in the case of any possible additional waves. Men sub 4:40 and Women sub 5:15.



Form a Team with friends or family! This is optional and may not have any affiliated awards.

Please Support Nora Guzinski and The Guzinski Family.

Meet Nora!  

Nora is an extraordinary nine-year old girl who lives in our home-town of New Rochelle.  She is an amazing gymnast, plays girls flag-football, and loves Taylor Swift, like most tweens.  

In mid December, Nora woke up with a rash and was taken to the doctor.  After further observation, Nora was admitted to the ER and later on in the evening was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer (Wilms Tumor).  The following week, Nora endured a 10 hour surgery to remove the tumor (Kidney) and surrounding lymph nodes.  This brave girl was in the hospital for two weeks before returning home right before the new year.  In January, she completed six days of radiation along with chemotherapy.  Nora has a long road ahead with back to back rounds of chemotherapy twice a week for the next six months.  Recently, Nora has had to go into the hospital and is receiving blood transfusions and platelet transfusions.  In addition, she is experiencing side effects from her treatments such as nausea, fatigue, mouth sores and neuropathy.   Although the treatments are brutal, Nora seems to find humor in any situation and has a smile on her face.  

The Guzinski family is absolutely incredible as well.  The Guzinskis embrace anyone they meet and instantly you feel like you’ve known each other for decades.  They go out of their way to help friends and always greet you with a hug and smile.  After receiving a beautiful wig for Nora, they decided to fundraise to give back to the organization that helped them despite all that they have going on.  

With all of these office visits, bills can add up!  Whether it is for the bi-weekly office visits, parking, or gas there are ancillary costs that can put a strain on the finances.  Please consider adding a donation to help the Guzinski family.  Nora is a fighter and is determined to beat cancer!

Suggested Amounts


Registration fees are used toward race expenses and cannot be returned once you sign up.


Nor are they transferable from year to year. Once you are signed up, race fees are used for race expenses and cannot be returned.

In consideration of accepting this entry, I understand and agree to be legally bound hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and waive, release and hold harmless New Rochelle Cinco de Mile Run/Walk, elitefeats inc., and any volunteers and all race sponsors and their agents, employees and representatives for any and all injuries, claims, liabilities and causes of action related to my participation in this event. I attest that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event and that my condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I further grant permission to any of the foregoing organizations to take and use photographs, video, and recordings or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever.

If signed by a parent, the parent agrees to release and hold the above-named organizations and persons harmless of any claims which may be asserted by or on behalf of the entrant as well.



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