Dream Like Billy Virtual 5K & 10K Run/Walk

To support a healthy tomorrow for Native American Youth

59 years ago, Oglala Lakota runner Billy Mills’ dreams came true when he crossed the finish line first in the 10,000 meter event at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Winning the gold medal after a childhood and lifetime of hardship would become the heart of Billy’s Lakota giveaway, and 20 years later he started Running Strong for American Indian Youth to raise happier, healthier Native American youth.  

Billy is still making dreams come true again for a whole new generation of Native American youth. From ensuring students have the supplies to succeed in school no matter their home circumstances to providing a community center for the youth of Pine Ridge to funding teachers who work with majority-Native classrooms, Billy Mills and Running Strong are committed to helping this next generation of Native youth get their own wings of an eagle and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.  

Proceeds for the Dream Like Billy Virtual 5K and 10K Run/Walk will support the programs of Running Strong for American Indian Youth to raise happy, healthy Native American youth. Your support of $28.24, Billy’s winning race time, will be recognized with an autographed racing bib from Billy, a medal and with the appreciation that you have helped Running Strong continue our mission of meeting critical and long-term needs of Native American communities across the country.

First 200 participants receive a finisher medal!

Upload your times & photos beginning 6/29 - 7/31

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You don't need the bib to participate, it's a keepsake!


  • Includes personalized bib
    #DreamLikeBilly #efVirtual

  • Includes personalized bib
    #DreamLikeBilly #efVirtual

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Running Strong is able to do incredibly meaningful work because of the support we receive from you, our donors. We invite you to make a difference in the lives of American Indian youth today by donating to our cause. Your contribution will go directly toward supporting our programs.

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