5K to Fight Histio Run/Walk

July 16, 2023
10AM Start Rain or Shine

Cheyenne Mountain State Park
410 JL Ranch Heights Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80926

Participants Receive a Histio Buff & Drawstring Bag

What is the 5K to Fight Histio?

Our time in NYC has been fun, but it's time to move West and leave our mark! Histio family ... Welcome to Colorado Springs, CO! Home of Pikes Peak - America's Mountain , Garden of the Gods Park , Olympic City USA , and the United States Air Force Academy.

The 5K to Fight Histio has taken place each year since starting in NYC in 2013, after Liam's Lighthouse Foundation and its supporters wanted to expand their outreach and awareness. This 5K helps families from around the world gather for a cause they hold close to their hearts while raising awareness and much needed funds for Histiocytosis.

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  • Your name on your bib three weeks before race day.
    Price increase to $40 on 5/30
    Ages 12 & Under: $25 ($35 on 5/30)
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We hope you'll consider setting up a TEAM FUNDRAISING PAGE after signing up for the 5K run/walk!  We want to make it easier for you to fundraise so we are creating a team fundraising post for you to share on your social media!  All we need is for you to answer a few questions.  Once your team post is created, it will be shared on our social media pages with your ability to share to all of your family and friends!  Please answer the following questions:


Every step taken & every dollar raised brings us closer to the ultimate finish line... A CURE!

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July 17, 2022

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