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April 9, 2022 & November 20, 2022
7:30AM Start Rain or Shine

Queens Museum Parking at Flushing Meadows Park
New York City Building, Corona, NY 11368


(Leave your bags by the Registration Table, QDR and elitefeats are not liable for lost items)


1 Loop- 6.55 Miles

Including public restrooms and portable toilets, you have SIX bathrooms available for use on the course every loop.

Same course as 2020-21. 

Same fast course until we take it to the streets. The course can be summed as the east half of the Unisphere side of Flushing Meadows Park, followed by Meadow Lake, and retracing your steps over Meadow Lake Bridge before running towards the Unisphere and finishing the loop around the west side of Flushing Meadows Park. Runners will run past the Queens Museum and return to the Start/Finish Line to complete the loop.

Marathon = 4 Loops

Half-Marathon = 2 Loops

Water Tables: At the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Mile of each loop, you will have the opportunity to pick up Water at two tables. The Water Table is used on both sides of the course, both times. One hour after the race starts, we will leave out bananas and GU.

In December, we introduced a new Fluid Station exclusively and specifically for Marathoners with their own hydration fluids. 

30 Minutes before the Start of the Race, Marathoners may head up to our Marathon Fluid Table and check in TWO identical bottles with our Volunteers at the table. Looking at your bib number, which should clearly be visible, Volunteers will have your bottle ready for distribution at the start of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Loop



Please send all inquiries to [email protected]
Facebook @QueensDistance  & Instagram @QueensDistance


Race Day photos will once again be provided by @horseandduckstudio. Runners will automatically be registered for a Newsletter, which will contain the link for photos following the completion of the race. 


If you wish to work with the Queens Marathon-QDR Half Marathon as a Race Sponsor, please email [email protected]


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