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September 17, 2022
8AM Start
Rain or Shine

Run/walk in person on September 17th beginning at 8AM. You will also be able to upload your finish time online along with up to 5 photos you took along your route or post-run!


Crow Campground
Crow Agency, Montana


Registration and check-in is at The GasCap Basketball Court Parking Lot
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Upload your times & photos beginning 9/17 - 9/25

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Support legislation centered on ending this violence

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Mary Kathryn Nagle
[email protected]


August 24, 2022 to September 17, 2022—Third Annual #JusticeForKaysera Campaign

In August 2019, 18-year-old Kaysera Stops Pretty Places was murdered in Big Horn County, Montana. Three years have passed since her murder, and the FBI, Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office, and the Montana Department of Justice have done nothing to undertake a criminal investigation. This miscarriage of justice cannot stand. Law enforcement must be held accountable so we can finally bring #JusticeForKaysera. 

Kaysera’s family, in collaboration with the NIWRC, Sovereign Bodies Institute, Rising Hearts, Elite Feats, and Waking Women Healing Institute will be hosting events in Kaysera’s name beginning on August 24, the day Kaysera went missing, through August 29 (the day her body was found), and ending on September 11, the day Kaysera’s family was notified her body had been found. Please join us in the fight to bring #JusticeforKaysera. A run will be held this year on September 17 to raise awareness to the campaign to convince law enforcement to do the right thing and investigate her homicide. 

Individuals can support the family’s fight for justice by showing up in person at a rally or vigil held in Kaysera’s honor. For individuals who cannot be in Hardin, or have concerns about appearing in public due to COVID, there are several ways in which individuals can show their support digitally, no matter where they are. For instance, the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is hosting two Twitter storms, where individuals can speak up and demand justice for Kaysera online, on Twitter. Dr. Grace Bulltail will host events via Facebook Live, and the Waking Women Healing Institute’s event will be virtual as well. A schedule of all events is provided below.

The family also encourages individuals to send letters or any form of written communication to the elected and appointed leaders in both the Montana and United States governments who have failed Kaysera. Three years is inexcusable. Both the federal government and the United States have had every opportunity to undertake a legitimate criminal investigation, and they have failed to do so. 

“Kaysera was murdered three years ago. Still, to this day, both federal and state law enforcement have refused to simply interview family members and friends who have information related to her homicide and possible suspects,” states Dr. Grace Bulltail, Kaysera’s aunt. “And they won’t, unless American citizens, both here and in Montana, demand that they treat Kaysera’s homicide as seriously as they treat the homicides of white women and girls.”

“The number of homicides of Native people in Big Horn County is off the charts. Nearly all of them have uninvestigated,” states Yolanda Fraser, Kaysera’s grandmother and legal guardian. “As we decide who should hold positions of power in Big Horn County, I encourage all voters to vote for leaders who will do something to address the crisis of Murdered and Missing Persons in Big Horn Country—instead of ignoring it. Our families deserve justice.”

“The United States has failed Kaysera’s family, and all of the MMIP families in Montana,” states Mary Kathryn Nagle. “The failure of the FBI and other federal agencies to investigate the countless homicides of Native people in Montana is discriminatory. We cannot allow it to continue. We hope you will join the family in demanding Justice for Kaysera.”

A full listing of planned events can be found below. 

Please also sign the petition demanding #JusticeForKaysera, which can be found here.

August 17-21: We invite anyone interested to visit a memorial for Kaysera at our family campsite at Crow Fair 8/17-8/21.

August 25: Join NIWRC for a Twitter storm at 2pm EST/12pm MST using #JusticeForKaysera 

August 26: Dr. Grace Bulltail (Kaysera’s auntie) hosts Facebook live event with a panel that provides an update on Kaysera's case/introduction to justice actions starting at 12pm CST/11am MST. Join via the #JusticeForKaysera Facebook Page.

August 27: Join Kaysera’s family for an online screening of MMIP films with a talkback panel. Start time TBD.

August 28: Join Waking Women Healing Institute for a Facebook live event with a panel on MMIP mapping and what has, and has not, been done with Kaysera’s case. Panel starts at 12pm CST/11am MST.

August 29: Join Kaysera’s family for an in person rally in front of the Courthouse in Hardin, Montana. The rally will begin at 11am MST.

August 30: Join NIWRC for a Twitter storm at 2pm EST/12pm MST using #JusticeForKaysera 

August 31: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Governor Gianforte. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 1: We encourage everyone to sign the petition here.

Sept 2: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Senator Tester. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 3: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Senator Daines. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 4: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to MT Attorney General Austin Knudsen. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 5: Join the Sovereign Bodies Institute for an-person event in Montana. Location and time TBD.  

Sept 6: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Sheriff Big Hair. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 7: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Secretary Deb Haaland. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 8: Everyone is encouraged to sign-up for the September 17 run on this page.

Sept 9: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 10: Everyone is encouraged to write a letter to the FBI. Draft sample letters can be found here.

Sept 17: Annual #JUSTICEFORKAYSERA RUN the run will begin at 8am MST at Crow Agency, Montana. There is an option for folks to participate through a virtual run as well. Register today. 

For more information, please visit and

About the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center:
The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Inc. (NIWRC) is a Native-led nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence against Native women and children. NIWRC provides national leadership in ending gender-based violence in tribal communities by lifting up the collective voices of grassroots advocates and offering culturally grounded resources, technical assistance and training, and policy development to strengthen tribal sovereignty.